Portfolio of Websites

I promote myself as a tech-savvy Marketing Top Gun, not as a webmaster, but I often learn and used new tools to accomplish my marketing objectives and in the process have developed several websites. Here's an example showing the tools I've used and, more importantly, the strategic thinking behind each site's objective.




I've used many web development tools, but this site is unusual in that it was created entirely with Microsoft Word, which most people don't know can read and write .html files.

The .html and graphic files were uploaded with FTP, and I found some free HTML code to do the graphic loop. Word works just fine for a small site but is not suitable for larger projects.


Modern Health Talk is an online community (website, blog, and social network) connecting people with low- and high-tech solutions for home healthcare. It was developed in WordPress with free plug-ins and a custom template that I created with Artisteer. The social media tools include Twitter,a Facebook fan page, Google+, a weekly newsletter (on paper.li), a YouTube channel, and Pinterest.

It features >400 articles, >400 infographics, >300 reference links, e-commerce product comparison, and an online assessment.



I used XSitePro II to develop and expand this large site, with over 1,000 files and a large collection of news items, photos, videos, links, case studies, white papers, and other marketing collateral that helped HOT achieve success in its legislative battle to protect homeowners.

Without being an HTML expert, I found it easy to add several HTML and Flash extensions to support special effects not native to XSitePro. See highlights.

A Nightmare on Mainstreet

This webpage covers TWO nightmares:

  1. Builders and Realtors push Congress to extend...
    ...the Homebuyer's TAX CREDIT. Why is that a bad idea?
  2. There's a widening wage gap between the ruling class and the working class. Watch the video to see how wide.


XSitePro II was used to develop a simple website specifically for legislators and their staffs. Homeowners of Texas already had a consumer-oriented site but needed a simpler way to convince lawmakers to abolish the abusive Texas Residential Construction Commission. We used this site to share marketing collateral and our analysis of deceptions in a builder-written bill designed to extend the life of the TRCC. That bill would have made matters worse.


The landing page for this new lobbying organization features a random graphic supporting the tagline, Opening doors for the Public Interest where Success HINGES on Strategy and Advocacy.

The site design reflects political advocacy but avoids images of the Capitol dome or rotunda, since that's what traditional lobbying firms do. Instead I used images of hinges, door knobs and gates. Even the logo was inspired by a photo of a Texas Capitol doorknob.


Members of the new Texas Association of Landmen wanted to differentiate themselves from the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL), which had evolved to serve the special interests of big oil companies, as opposed to independent landmen. They hired us to establish a new trade organization.

This site is designed to drive membership and eventually support political advocacy and collaborative information sharing.


I developed this site years ago with Microsoft FrontPage for my independent consulting firm, which focused on the Digital Home. CAZItech offered management consulting and strategic marketing services to companies in the converging industries of broadband, wireless, home and community networking, as well as consumer electronics, personal computing, and home & building automation.

Personal Resume

You don't have to be a webmaster or use HTML or web development tools to create a web page. This resume was done with Microsoft Word and saved in .html, doc, pdf, and text formats. Notice the consistency of fonts, colors, graphics and message, which continues on my business cards and waynecaswell.info.

When people are unable to receive email attachments, I simply point them to waynecaswell.info/resume.pdf.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waynecaswell.austin

Anyone can create a personal webpage without a domain name, hosting service or special software. This is my personal Facebook page, but I also created a page for Homeowners ofTexas and a HOT Fans page that was used to point people to relevant information on our website, in the mainstream news media, and on trusted blogs.

Since Facebook "helps you connect and share with the people in your life", I use it for online conversations among friends.


This is my Linkedin page, again created  without a domain name, hosting service or special software. All I needed was a web browser.

Over 80 million business professionals use LinkedIn to create a professional identity online, exchange information, ideas & opportunities, and find a job or the people & knowledge they need to achieve their goals.


There are many more social networking sites out there, and I have profiles on many of them -- often just so I can learn about them and see which ones are better for what purposes.


I've always said people don't buy computers; they buy Solutions. I developed content contributing to this Home Networking Learning Center sitelet to help them understand Home Network solution offerings.


Since most people buy Solutions, not computers, Dell's Home Theater Learning Center is a place to learn about Home Theater solutions. While at Dell, I developed content contributing to this sitelet.


With my direction (before leaving Dell) and with help from Microsoft, Dell's Family Safety Learning Center sitelet underwent a major facelift and became much more useful to parents.