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BIO: Wayne Caswell, Technical Marketing & Strategy

As a social entrepreneur, Wayne founded Modern Health Talk, an online community to connect people with low- and high-tech solutions for home healthcare and to help control our nation's spiraling healthcare costs. He serves as president and senior editor of this rapidly growing bootstrapped venture.

As a consumer advocate, Wayne co-founded .Homeowners of Texas, a nonprofit advocacy for homeowners in the Texas Legislature. In classic "David versus Goliath" style, HOT, in its first year and with no outside funding, took on the powerful lobbyists of a $35 Billion Texas Homebuilding industry and won in a legislative battle at the Capitol. Wayne was instrumental in convincing lawmakers to establish new consumer protection laws and abolish an abusive state agency, the Residential Construction Commission.

And as a technologist, futurist and marketing strategist with IBM, Dell, Siemens and his own consulting firm, Wayne knows the positive effect digital technologies can have on society and the challenges of adopting them. His passions include "Universal Adoption of BIG Broadband" and "Technologies for Home Healthcare and Aging-in-Place." His vision is "Consumers with Easy access to services and service providers with Equal access to consumers."

Wayne's corporate experience, management style and personal outlook began with a 30-year career at IBM that progressed from punch card & computer operator through programming & systems engineering, and into marketing & market strategy. He introduced the company to the emerging Home Systems industry, promoted a unified Home Systems strategy, influenced OS/2 & HomeDirector product development, helped pioneer the Residential Gateway concept & RG standards, and served as the Marketing Chairman of the HomeRF Working Group, an initiative that converged voice, data & entertainment networks.

Wayne spearheaded the first COMDEX Home Networking pavilion, which has continued each year since at both CES and COMDEX. He’s also credited for naming the CONNECTIONS™ conference, which is produced by Parks Associates and the Consumer Electronics Association. The name – which portrays the connection of devices in homes, homes to network services, and the personal connections that come from conference attendees – stuck, was trademarked, and has been used ever since.

Wayne retired from IBM when the company started pulling out of consumer markets and founded CAZITech Consulting, a digital home consulting business. There he helped organizations find and exploit opportunities in broadband, wireless and home networking markets. His services included strategic planning, market & competitive analysis, and market development; and he wrote and spoke often and passionately about causes he believed in.

Wayne's advocacy began when he worked with a small band of volunteers to successfully lobby the Texas legislature and protect the rights of communities to install municipal networks. He also served on the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee in three working groups: (1) Advanced Technology, (2) Homeland Security, and (3) Rural & Underserved Populations. Although Wayne earned a decent income at CAZITech, it was inconsistent, and he learned hard lessons about the ups & downs of being an independent consultant.

Wayne eventually gave up his consulting business, his BIG Broadband advocacy, and his volunteer position on the FCC's Consumer Advisory Committee to accept an influential position in Dell Product Group. He served as Messaging Manager for consumer desktop PCs and established consistent product messaging across all media and regions worldwide -- messages that inspired sales teams, terrified competitors, captivated customers and increased PC sales and market share. Wayne's influence at Dell extended well beyond his own products and included development of online learning centers for Family Safty, Home Theater and Home Networking.

Wayne now writes for Modern Health Talk, but a list of his older white papers, articles & presentations is online at Included are market research reports on "Home Technology Integration: A Technology Forecast,"Home Systems: Home Controls,” and “Information Appliances and Pervasive Web Access."

Wayne holds four degrees including a BS Technology Management from American University. He lives in Austin and is a member of the Austin Wireless Alliance, CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association), and the World Future Society. An accomplishment that Wayne is especially proud of was to be awarded The Vigil Honor, the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members. Wayne received this honor in high school as a Boy Scout, and he values it more than Eagle.