Photonics Briefings Series


By Wayne Caswell

These charts are from the opening plenary presentation at POF2003. Call if you’d like a similar presentation for your organization or would like the high-quality graphics.

Panel Discussion Points

lService Providers

–Telephone Companies
–Cable Companies
–Satellite Operators
–Internet Service Providers & Wireless ISPs
–Municipal Governments
–Public HotSpots, FreeNets & NeighborNets


–Small, Medium & Large Businesses
–Schools, Hospitals, Fire Houses
–Federal & Municipal Govts.

lDeployment Variety

–Greenfield vs. Retrofit
–Ent.Offices, Sm.Business, Apts., Schools, Homes
–Broadband as factor in selecting Home, Builder, Neighborhood, City
–Municipal Governments are tired of waiting and want to attract industry, affluence, and tax base. 
•Private networks for govt. & schools, leased to others
•Cities: 20 year ROI
•Telcos/MSOs: 18-24 mo ROI to satisfy shareholders

lFiber costs 15% more than cable, 8 * DSL

–$4500/home with 30% uptake = 3+yr ROI at $100/mo

lDeployments Today

–DSL: 7M homes
–Cable TV: 70M homes
–Cable Modem: 11.3M homes
–Cable Telephony: >3M homes, going to 14.7 by 2008
–70% of homes passed

lHome Networking

–Existing TTP: 28.8Kbps, 10M, 32M, 124, 240
–Cat.5 Structured Wiring: 10Mbps, 100, 1000
•1M new homes/yr vs. 100M existing
–Toll Road: Plumber, Ambulance, Deliveries, Lawn Svc.

lDevice Connections

–RCA jacks, Ethernet, USB, 1394, Wireless

lTechnical Issues & Moore’s Law

–Better Modulation
–Better Receivers
–DRM (entertainment, education)

lHDTV Terrestrial

–Broadcast vs. On-Demand
–DOCSIS 2.0 supports 800Mbps over coax cable
(30.72Mbps * 53 6.4MHz channels)
–Telcos only need 6 Mbps & VoD to compete
•DVD broadcast: 2.5Mbps today, 1Mbps in 2-3 yrs.
•HDTV broadcast: 19.2Mbps today, 5Mbps in 2-3 yrs.
–FCC gives Free Spectrum
–Licensed vs. Unlicensed (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)


–Lifeline Service moves to cell phone
–2.5 & 3G Services (0.3-10 Mbps)
–WLAN (WiMAX = 30 mi, 70-280 Mbps
–MillimeterWave = 10Mbps - 1Gbps point-to-point
–Directional Antennas, Better Receivers (range)
–Broader Spectrum, Modulation, Compression (speed)
–Rural: $3.5M for 90% coverage vs. $13.5M for 60%

lDeveloping Countries w/ No Infrastructure

–Real worry about the Digital Divide on a global scale
–90% of world population has never made a phone call.
–Enablers: Solar/Fuel Cells for power, Meshed Wireless for telecom, Speech Reco & real-time Lang.Translation, Transcoding (adapt content to B/W & device).


–If your answer is Bits, you’re headed toward the Tar Pits.
–If you want people to come in your store, don’t charge them to open the door.