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Information Appliances and Pervasive Net Access

Information Appliances Will Outship PCs in 2001

Dallas, August 9, 2000 - A new study conducted by Parks Associates, Information Appliances and Pervasive Net Access, indicates that information appliances will outship PCs in the United States in as early as 2001.

The term “information appliance” – along with Internet appliance, network appliance, and access appliance – describes alternatives to the personal computer that are designed to benefit from network services. Parks Associates defines an information appliance as a relatively low-cost, easy-to-use, reliable, special-purpose device that obtains and presents, captures and reports, and/or stores and manages various types of information in order to bring the benefits of the Internet to consumers. Specific products that can be classified as information appliances include Internet-connected TVs, consumer network computers, Web tablets, e-mail only devices, screen phones, Internet game consoles, handheld PCs/personal digital assistants, Internet-enabled mobile phones, and automotive telematics systems.

Parks Associates’ research on information appliances suggests that in 22 million in-home information appliances (excluding Internet-enabled mobile phones and telematics systems) will ship in the United States in 2001, compared with 18 million home PCs in the same year. By the end of 2005, Parks Associates forecasts that total revenues from all information appliances (including Internet-enabled mobile phones and telematics systems) will reach $33.7 billion.

“The market for information appliances will grow very rapidly,” says Tricia Parks, president of Parks Associates. “This provides a huge opportunity to numerous industries involved in the development of products and services that take advantage of the Internet.”

Parks Associates’ report Information Appliances and Pervasive Net Access includes detailed information on the drivers to the growth of information appliances, major product categories, the key players, the networks that deliver Internet content, hardware/software technologies related to information appliances, and market forecasts through the year 2005. For more information, please contact Parks Associates at 972-490-1113 or sales@parksassociates.com.

About Parks Associates: Parks Associates is a Dallas, Texas-based market research firm specializing in emerging technologies and services for the home. Founded in 1986, Parks Associates provides primary and secondary research on home systems, in-home networks, home security, consumer electronics, telecommunications, Internet service, energy utility, and subscription TV industries. Parks Associates’ clients include both Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups. Parks Associates’ services include syndicated reports, multi-client studies, custom consulting, workshops, and conferences.

Table of Contents

1.0  Executive Summary
            1.1  Information Appliances
           1.2   Pervasive Net Access
           1.3   Forecasting Challenge
           1.4   Market Forecasts

2.0   Information Appliances Overview
           2.1   Information Appliance Definition(s)
                   2.1.1    Nuances in the Definition
                   2.1.2    Some everyday devices can become Information Appliances
                   2.1.3    PCs that are like Appliances
                   2.1.4    Consumer Internet Terminals
                   2.1.5    Wireless Handhelds
                   2.1.6    Enhanced Entertainment
                   2.1.7    On the Road
                   2.1.8    Miscellaneous Devices
            2.2    Information Appliance Benefits
                   2.2.1    Simplicity
                   2.2.2    Information at Your Fingertips
                   2.2.3    Centrally Stored Information
                   2.2.4    Universal Access
                   2.2.5    Lower Cost Manufacturing and Support
            2.3    Information Appliance Market Drivers and Opportunities
                   2.3.1    Market and Consumer Trends
                   2.3.2    Social and Demographic Trends
                   2.3.3    Science and Technology Trends
                   2.3.4    Miscellaneous Opportunities
                   2.3.5    More on Moore
                   2.3.6    Make way for Metcalfe
                   2.3.7    Elect to Embed
                   2.3.8    Content Convergence
                   2.3.9    New Uses for the Old PC

3.0  PCs That Become Appliance-like
           3.1     Definitions and Applications
                   3.1.1   Diskless PCs
                   3.1.2   X-stations and X-terminals
                   3.1.3   Windows-based Terminals
                   3.1.4   Network Computers
                   3.1.5   NetPCs
           3.2    Current Market, Trends & Drivers
                   3.2.1    Shipments and Revenue Forecast
                   3.2.2    Reducing Total Ownership Costs
                   3.2.3    The under-$500 PC gets subsidized
                   3.2.4    The Impact of Home Networking
                   3.2.5    Network Performance vs. Processor Performance
                   3.2.6    PC Functions Explode out of the Box
           3.3     PC Product Examples
                   3.3.1    Acer WT 300
                   3.3.2    Boundless Capio II
                   3.3.3    IBM Net Vista
                   3.3.4    Microsoft Web Companion
                   3.3.5    NCD ThinSTAR
                   3.3.6    Sun Ray 1 Enterprise Appliance
                   3.3.7    Wyse Winterm
                   3.3.8    Apple iBook and iMac
                   3.3.9    Compaq iPAQ and Presario EZ2200
                   3.3.10  Dell WebPC
                   3.3.11  eMachines
                   3.3.12  Mattel targets a large Micro Market – Kids
                   3.3.13  VTech early-learning PCs

 4.0    Consumer Internet Terminals
           4.1      Definition & Applications
                   4.1.1    Subsidized NetPCs
                   4.1.2    Consumer NCs
                   4.1.3    E-mail Terminals
                   4.1.4    Wireless Web Tablets
                   4.1.5    Screen Phones
           4.2     Current Market, Trends & Drivers
                   4.2.1    Shipments and Revenue Forecast
                   4.2.2    Broadband Always-On Networks
                   4.2.3    Home Networks
                   4.2.4    North America vs. R.O.W. (Rest of the World)
                   4.2.5    Service Provider Driven
                   4.2.6    Screen Phones Have Been Around
           4.3    Net PC Product Examples
                   4.3.1    Apple iBook and iMac
                   4.3.2    Compaq Presario EZ2200
                   4.3.3    Dell WebPC
                   4.3.4    IBM Net Vista
                   4.3.5    Intel Dot.Station
                   4.3.6    eMachines
           4.4    Consumer NC Product Examples
                   4.4.1    Compaq Clipper
                   4.4.2    CMi Worldwide iCEBOX
                   4.4.3    IAN Webplayer
                   4.4.4    Leon@ardo Ariston
                   4.4.5    Netpliance i-opener
                   4.4.6    New Internet Computer
           4.5     E-mail Terminal Product Examples
                   4.5.1    Cidco MailStation
                   4.5.2    JVC PocketMail
                   4.5.3    Landel Telecom MailBug
                   4.5.4    Sharp TelMail
                   4.5.5    Simpliance Inc.'s Linket
                   4.5.6    VTech
                   4.5.7    eNote TV email
           4.6   Wireless Internet Tablet Product Examples
                   4.6.1    AOL and Gateway
                   4.6.2    National Semiconductor WebPAD™
                   4.6.3    ePodsOne
                   4.6.4    Microsoft Web Companion
                   4.6.5    Panja Inc.'s ViewPoint
                   4.6.6    Psion FridgePad 
                   4.6.7    Qubit Technology's wireless Web pad
           4.7     Screen Phone Product Examples
                   4.7.1    Alcatel's WebTouch One
                   4.7.2    Cidco's CST2100
                   4.7.3    Ericsson's HS210
                   4.7.4    InfoGear's iPhone
                   4.7.5    Nortel's PowerTouch 470
                   4.7.6    Samsung's Anyweb

5.0  Handhelds Go Wireless
           5.1    Applications and Definitions
                   5.1.1     Mobile Phones
                   5.1.2    Two-way Messagers
                   5.1.3    Handheld PCs
                   5.1.4    Palm-sized Computers (PDAs)
                   5.1.5    E-books
                   5.1.6    Notepads
           5.2    Current Market, Trends & Drivers
                   5.2.1    Geographical Differences
                   5.2.2    America Lags in Deploying Wireless
                   5.2.3    Developing Nations - The Largest Opportunity
                   5.2.4    Business / Consumer Differences
                   5.2.5    Speed Differences
                   5.2.6    Third-Generation Wideband Networks
                   5.2.7    The Broadband Roadmap has Speed Bumps
                   5.2.8    Paging Networks
                   5.2.9    Networking Offloads Function
                   5.2.10   Short-Range vs. Long-Range Wireless
                   5.2.11   Location Awareness and Proximity Marketing
                   5.2.12   M-commerce Challenge
                   5.2.13   Operating System Competition (EPOC, PalmOS, Windows CE)
                Palm OS
                Windows CE
                   5.2.14  New Content or Reformatted Content
                Dynamic Transforms
                   5.2.15   Better Graphics for Small Screens
                Electronic Ink
                   5.2.16   Handheld Computing
                   5.2.17   Security and Privacy
                   5.2.18   Health Concerns
           5.3    Mobile Phone Sample Products
                   5.3.1    Ericsson
                   5.3.2    Kyocera (and Qualcomm)
                   5.3.3    Motorola
                   5.3.4    NeoPoint
                   5.3.5    Nokia
           5.4    Two-way Messager Sample Products
                   5.4.1    Motorola
                   5.4.2    Research in Motion
                   5.4.3    Cybiko (Kid's Communications Computer)
                   5.4.4    Tiger Lightning Mail (Free e-mail)
           5.5    HPC and Sub-Notebook Sample Products
                   5.5.1    Ericsson
                   5.5.2    Hewlett-Packard
                   5.5.3    NEC
                   5.5.4    Sharp
                   5.5.5    Sony
           5.6    Palm Computer and PDA Sample Products
                   5.6.1    Palm
                   5.6.2    Casio
                   5.6.3    Compaq
                   5.6.4    HandSpring
                   5.6.5    HP Jornada
                   5.6.6    Starfish Software Inc.
                   5.6.7    Symbol Technologies
                   5.6.8    VTech
           5.7    E-books Sample Products
                   5.7.1    Glassbook
                   5.7.2    Microsoft
                   5.7.3    Palm
                   5.7.4    Rocket
                   5.7.5    SoftBook®
           5.8    Note Pad Sample Products
                   5.8.1    CrossPad
                   5.8.2    Anoto Pen
           5.9    Add-on Peripherals
           5.10  Major Players from Outside of the Box
                   5.10.1   Device Makers
                   5.10.2   Content Providers
                   5.10.3   Wireless Portals
                   5.10.4   Wireless Carriers
                   5.10.5   Infrastructure Builders
                   5.10.6   Component Suppliers
                   5.10.7   Content Formatters
                   5.10.8   Content Synchronizers
                   5.10.9   E-Commerce Sites
                   5.10.10   Car Companies
                   5.10.11   Backend Software

6.0 Enhanced Entertainment
           6.1     Definitions and Applications
                   6.1.1   Digital Music
                   6.1.2   Enhanced TV
                 Digital and High Definition TV
                 Interactive TV
                 Internet TV
                 Personalized TV
                   6.1.3   Game Consoles
           6.2      Enhanced Entertainment -- Overall Trends and Drivers
                   6.2.1   Analog to Digital Content
                   6.2.2   Wider Bandwidth
                   6.2.3   FCC offers Free TV spectrum, with restrictions
                   6.2.4   Broadcast vs. Streaming and Downloads
                   6.2.5   Mega Media Mergers
                 Time Warner Inc.
                 Disney Co.
                 Viacom International Inc.
                 News Corporation
                 TCI (AT&T)
                 NBC (General Electric Co.)
           6.3    Digital Music Market
                   6.3.1   Digital Music Market Accelerators and Inhibitors
                 Digital Music Formats
                 Music Library Management
                 PC-based Digital Music Software
                 Free Music
                 The Music Industry Responds to the Internet Opportunity
                                      and Threat
                 The Good Side of Napster
                   6.3.2   Digital Rights Management
                 Microsoft & Sony
                 IBM & RealNetworks
                 Is it too late?
           6.4     Enhanced-TV Market
                   6.4.1   Enhanced-TV Market Accelerators
                 Strong Economy
                 Strong CE Spending
                 Family Budget can Afford it
                 Better Picture Quality
                 Wider Screen
                 Improved Surround Sound
                 More Programming Choice
                Electronic Program Guides
                Simpler Remote Controls
                Interactive Services
                Forced Retail Sale of Set-top Boxes
                Enhanced Set-top Boxes
                Available Content
                Content Archives
                Movie Libraries
                Repackaged News
                CE Subsidies
                Other Subsidies
                Asset Protection
                Interactive TV
                Nearly Free ITV
                Consumers Prefer TV
                Broken Business Models
                Interactive Advertising
                Increased Ad Revenue Potential
                Cheaper and more Targeted TV Ads
                Mass Customization
                Experienced Call Centers
                Lower Operating Costs
                New Revenue Sources
                Distance Learning
                Expanded Audience
                Broadband Competition
                Alternative Delivery Networks
                Semiconductor Competition
                Availability of High-definition TV Sets
                Separation of Function
                Video Format Conversion
                Home Networks
                The Master Set-top Box
                Europe is Ahead of the U.S.
                Asian Influence on the Set-top Box
                   6.4.2   Enhanced-TV Market Inhibitors
                 Inadequate Management Systems
                 Expensive Infrastructure Upgrades
                 Devoid of Good Content
                 Risky New Business Models
                 Battle over DTV Formats
                 Video PCs are Absent
                 Multicast vs. HDTV Broadcast
                 High Consumer Cost of HDTV
                 Price vs. Quality
                Large Screens Take Up Space
                Installed Base of Legacy TVs
                High Consumer Cost of Set-top Boxes
                Installation Hassles
                Long Term Commitments
                FCC Deadlines Won't Hold
                Lack of Market Demand
                Personal Privacy
                Established Usage Patterns
                No Guarantee of Service Quality
                Inadequate Home Wiring
           6.5   Internet Game Console Market
                   6.5.1   Networked Models will Replace Standalone
                   6.5.2   Few Players
                   6.5.3   Microsoft and its X-Box
                   6.5.4   Game Console Hardware Trends
                   6.5.5   Game Functions move to Set-top Boxes
           6.6     Portable Music Player Sample Products
                   6.6.1   Diamond Multimedia
                   6.6.2   Creative Labs
                   6.6.3   e-Digital
                   6.6.4   Pine D-Music
                   6.6.5   RCA
                   6.6.6   Sony
                   6.6.7   Innogear
                   6.6.8   Casio
           6.7    Digital Radio Sample Products
                   6.7.1   AudioRamp.com
                   6.7.2   Kerbango
                   6.7.3   SonicBox Inc.
           6.8    Music Jukebox Sample Products
                   6.8.1  Escient
                   6.8.2  Creative Labs
           6.9     Enhanced TV - Sample Products & Key Market Players
                   6.9.1   ReplayTV
                   6.9.2   TiVo
                   6.9.3   America Online
                   6.9.4   AT&T
                   6.9.5   Microsoft
                   6.9.6   Liberate
                   6.9.7   OpenTV
                   6.9.8   Others
           6.10  Game Console Sample Products
                   6.10.1   Microsoft X-Box
                   6.10.2   Indrema is More than a Game Box
                   6.10.3   Nintendo
                   6.10.4   Sega
                   6.10.5   Sony

7.0    On the Move - Automotive Telematics
           7.1     Definition and Applications
           7.2    Current U.S. Market, Trends, and Drivers
           7.3    Product Examples
                   7.3.1   GM's OnStar
                   7.3.2   Clarion AutoPC
                   7.3.3   Delphi's Communiport
                   7.3.4   Visteon's ICES

8.0   Miscellaneous
           8.1   Market Trends and Drivers
                   8.1.1   Networking Embedded in Everyday Objects
                   8.1.2   No-New-Wires Networking Standards
                   8.1.3   Machine-to-Machine Discovery and Interaction
                   8.1.4   Thin Servers
                   8.1.5   Privacy and Security Issues
                   8.1.6   CES Demonstrations
                 Service Gateway
                 Internet Refrigerator
                 Bar Code Scanners
                 Coffee Maker
                 Proximity Detection and Device-Specific Instructions
                 Remote Access with WAP Phone
                 Sharp Multimedia Phone
                 Consumer Electronics
                 A Home Printer for Service Providers
                 Meeting Minutes
                   8.1.7   Thalia's Household Appliances Use UPnP / Others Use OSGi
                   8.1.8   Security Systems and Home Automation
                   8.1.9   Door Locks
                   8.1.10  Electric Meters
                   8.1.11  Sprinklers
                   8.1.12  Digital Cameras and Video Servers
                   8.1.13  Smart Toys
                   8.1.14  Pay Phones
                   8.1.15  Vending Machines
                   8.1.16  Wearables and Personal Area Networks
                 Personal-Area Networks
                 IBM's Wearable PC

9.0    Hardware Technologies for Information Appliances
           9.1     Processors
                   9.1.1  8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit processor variety
                   9.1.2  Power Efficient Designs for Long Battery Life
                   9.1.3  Embedded, System-On-a-Chip, Reference Designs, and
                             Core Libraries
                   9.1.4  Digital Signal Processors
                   9.1.5  Transmeta's Silicon Chameleon
           9.2    Storage
                   9.2.1  Flash Memory
                Sony Memory Stick
                SD (Secure Digital) Memory
                   9.2.2  Tiny Hard Drives
                IBM MicroDrive
                Iomega Clik! disk
           9.3    Display Technologies
           9.4    Expansion Ports

10.0    Software Technologies for Information Appliances
           10.1  Operating Systems
                   10.1.1   Free and Open Source
                   10.1.2   Embedded
                  emWare Helps Extend the Internet
           10.2  Java
                   10.2.1   Java Performance
                   10.2.2   Java Car vs. AutoPC
           10.3  Automatic Device (and Service) Discovery
                   10.3.1   Jini
                   10.3.2   Salutation
                   10.3.3   UPnP
                   10.3.4   Conclusion
           10.4  Backend Software and Middleware
                   10.4.1   Device Portals
                   10.4.2   Synchronization
                   10.4.3   Thin Client / Fat Server
                   10.4.4   Software Providers
           10.5  Operating System Examples
                   10.5.1    BeComm
                   10.5.2    Chorus OS
                   10.5.3    DR-DOS
                   10.5.4    EPOC
                   10.5.5    GEOS
                   10.5.6    Inferno
                   10.5.7    Linux
                   10.5.8    Palm OS
                   10.5.9    QNX
                   10.5.10   OpenTV
                   10.5.11   VxWorks
                   10.5.12   Windows CE

11.0   Access Networks for Information Delivery
           11.1  Raising The Speed Limit On The Public Switched Telephone Network
                   11.1.1   56k Modems
                   11.1.2   ISDN
                   11.1.3   DSL
           11.2  High-Speed Data via Cable TV Networks
           11.3  Broadband Fixed Wireless Networks
                   11.3.1   MMDS
                   11.3.2   LMDS
           11.4  Satellite-Based Internet Access
           11.5  Terrestrial Mobile Communications Networks
                   11.5.1  Circuit-Switched Cellular and CDPD
                   11.5.2   PCS Networks
                   11.5.3   The Impact of 3G
                   11.5.4   Paging Networks
                   11.5.5   Packet-Switched Wireless Data Networks
           11.6  Summary

12.0   Home Networks: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Consumer
           12.1  No-New-Wire Home Networking Solutions
                   12.1.1   HomePNA (Home Phoneline Networking Alliance)
                   12.1.2   HomeRF
                   12.1.3   IEEE 802.11b
                   12.1.4   Bluetooth
                   12.1.5   HomePlug
           12.2  Structured Wiring Solutions
           12.3  Other Home Networking Technologies/Standards
           12.4  Residential Gateways
                   12.4.1   Defining the Residential Gateway
                   12.4.2   RG-Enabled Applications and Product Examples
                   12.4.3   RG Standards Efforts
                   12.4.4   Conclusion about RG Development

13.0   Forecasts and Strategic Outlook
           13.1  Forecasting Challenge

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